Trusted and Local Car Battery Replacement Specialist in Mittagong & Southern Highlands Region

One of the most frustrating experiences while owning a vehicle is having an unexpected dead battery. Having a reliable battery supplier in your area is critical to get you out of trouble. Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical is the right choice for you with an extensive supply of batteries to suit a wide variety of vehicles. Have you got a battery that we don’t have in stock? We offer same day/next day delivery to get you out of trouble.

Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical have a mobile battery service if you break down in your driveway at home or at work. All you have to do is call our office and we’ll send a technician to change your battery, or jump start the vehicle to get you out of trouble.

We offer all types of batteries:

  • Accessible
  • Sealed calcium
  • Spiral AGM
  • EFB
  • AGM

To maintain performance and a proud reputation we are very particular and selective when it comes to the brand of battery we choose to use. The brand we provide are industry leading and ensure the best quality for your vehicle. Unless we can promise the best performance, we will not use other brands.

What can you expect when you purchase batteries with us?

  • A quick response for a battery replacement
  • Leading team of battery specialist for inspecting and replacing batteries
  • Quality battery replacement and inspection
  • Warranty
  • Great value for premium batteries

Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical also offer a range of deep cycle batteries. A deep cycle battery is the best option for 4WD and touring enthusiasts as well as boats and trailers.  These batteries can be drained flat and recharged a lot more times than a normal car battery.

Are you starting to have trouble with the battery in your vehicle? Then look no further than Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical to offer you quick, efficient and budget friendly services.