Trusted and Local Brake Repair Specialist in Mittagong & Southern Highlands Region

The brake system on any automotive vehicle is the most important aspect. Without brakes, you will not be able to slow the vehicle down in a controlled manner. Do you think the brakes on your vehicle aren’t functioning properly? Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical can conduct a full inspection and replace any components that are causing issues.

Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical are a friendly and reliable service for your vehicle. We can not only provide free inspections, but we also have a qualified and professional team to replace and service the brakes on your vehicle.

Some of our services include:

  • We check the wear on the drum brake lining and brake pads
  • We inspect the condition and level of brake fluid
  • We check the thickness of the brake rotor or drum, and offer machining services
  • We road test the vehicle to ensure the system is functioning properly

What happens when I get my brake pads replaced?

Brake pads are a wearable component that need to be replaced on the regular. Many technicians will forget about the brake rotor which is what the pad pushes against in order to stop the vehicle. Quite often, the rotor surface is not good enough for the brake pad to push against, which is where machining comes in. Rotor machining involves skimming the surface of the rotor in order to produce a fresh, clean surface for the brake pad to push against, causing better friction and therefore leading to better performance.

Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical based in Mittagong is the one stop shop for your vehicle and is the most preferred service centre in the area.