Car Servicing

Trusted and Local Car Mechanics in Mittagong & Southern Highlands Region

Get the most out of your vehicle with our maintenance servicing at Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical. As the owner of a vehicle, a vital focus point is regular servicing. A well maintained car will run smoother for longer while preventing any breakdowns.

Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical is one of the most professional and leading service providers in the area and we serve as a reliable partner for those who want to maintain their vehicle properly.

What can you expect from us?

  • We work with all car models like Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, BMW, Ford, etc.
  • We only use the best quality parts and fluids.
  • We offer certified logbook servicing.
  • We can promise same day or next day delivery of car parts.
  • We offer pick up and drop off services if you need a lift back home.

Car servicing at Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical

Full car service: We have a qualified team of professionals who are ready to fix any problems or perform any kind of service on your vehicle. Whether it is as simple as an oil change or a complete transmission replacement, our technicians guarantee an efficient and successful service.

Logbook Service: Logbook services are a way to track the service history of all cars on the road. A complete service history can make reselling your vehicle immensely easier, as the buyer knows that the car has been maintained properly. There is a common misconception that only dealerships are able to conduct logbook servicing, but according to the ACCC, any licensed repairer is able to service your vehicle without voiding warranty.

Safety check and pre-purchase inspections: Looking at buying a second hand car? Or are you going for a long road trip? Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical offer services for both. Our technicians are able to thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any safety defects or anything that needs to be replaced/serviced. Conducting these inspections give you peace of mind that the vehicle you own or are going to purchase is as safe and reliable as possible.

Regular maintenance is the best thing you as an owner can do for your vehicle to prolong the reliability and performance of that vehicle. Visit Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical to complete your scheduled services.