Rego Check & Inspection in Mittagong & Southern Highlands Region for your car, SUV & 4WD

For anyone to drive a vehicle on Australia’s roads they must have a safe, roadworthy and registered vehicle. Therefore, the RMS (Roads and maritime services) deem it necessary for a vehicle to undergo a e-safety check or a pink slip before it gets registered.

A rego check is a mandatory check that is done to ensure that the vehicle is safe enough to be driven on the road.

Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical is an authorised centre to conduct a e-safety check, and with four technicians that are fully qualified to conduct these checks, meaning we are available at all times for any last-minute checks that are needed.

Aspects to check during a rego inspection

  • Lights (low and high beam, parkers, blinkers etc)
  • Free play in suspension
  • Any major oil leaks
  • Wear within interior (steering wheel cover, gear shifter, windscreen)
  • Much more

What happens if I drive on the road unregistered?

If you drive a vehicle on the road that is unregistered, the local police will be notified when they scan your number plate, resulting in an inevitable stopping. The fine for driving an unregistered vehicle on NSW roads is $3300 for a first time offence, and then $5500 for repeat offences.

To avoid all such issues check when your registration is due and get Highlands Tyremasters & Mechanical to conduct an e-safety check so you can get your vehicle registered.