Most Common Issues With Tyres

If you are driving a vehicle, then your driving experience is mainly based on the tyres. In case you are having a vehicle with good quality tyres, then you will have a great experience. On the other hand, bad tyres can lead to several problems. In some conditions, travelers may face life-threatening results as serious accidents. For preventing these types of situations, everyone needs to get top-quality tyres only. It can be possible only choosing the best tyre shop Campbelltown only.

Having top-notch quality tyres is not enough to get a great driving experience. Here, you also need to focus on maintenance as well. Everyone has to make sure they are inspecting the condition of tyres regularly. In case you detect any kind of problem, then you should take an initiative to fix it quickly. Initiatives can help you in getting rid of the issues at the initial stages and maintain things perfectly.

Common Issues

Tyres may create lots of issues for the vehicle owner if it is not maintained perfectly. There are some common problems that are encountered by almost all vehicle owners. In the following points, you can get information about some major ones.

Emergency Brake

Sometimes, the drivers may face critical situations on the road and can use emergency brakes to stop the vehicle immediately and minimise the risk. In this situation, it can be the best thing you can do but it also affects the tyres. It leads to issues like – tyre wear, flatten tyres from the side, etc.


A perfectly aligned vehicle is providing the best traveling and driving experience. In case your vehicle is lacking in alignment, then it becomes a reason for bad experience. Misalignment of vehicles leads to several problems such as – bad condition of tyres on roads, lower fuel economy, and much more. Misalignment becomes a reason for tyre wears for both tyre positions rear and front. It generally decreases the durability of tyres.


Rubber is a natural compound and the main material that is used for manufacturing tyres. Rubber is not produced in any kind of factory or with any chemical reaction. It is generally extracted from trees. As we know all types of natural substances are having a service time period. It means after a specific period, the tyre degradation begins where day by day it becomes weaker. You have to visit the right tyre shop Campbelltown and buy the top-notch tyres timely.


Some people are getting confused when it comes to age and degradation factors. Both factors are a bit similar but do not completely. The age of tyres is decided by the manufacturers as per their production manuals and other procedures. Lifespan is a factor that can be controlled by the users up to some specific limits.

In case the vehicle owners are paying proper attention to the repair and maintenance of tyres, then they are capable of availing of its services for long. If you don’t maintain tyres properly, then you need to replace older ones with newer ones after a short time.

Extreme Heat

There are lots of factors available that directly affect the condition of tyres and reduce its lifespan. If we talk about the biggest one, then it is the heat. Extreme heat directly impacts the structure and surface of tyres. When the tyres come in contact with UV rays directly, then cracks start taking place on the surface. Due to such a thing, the tyre’s structure starts getting weak and leading to lots of problems. In case you detect any kind of crack, then you should contact the professionals immediately.

Over and Under Inflation

As we know, tyres are highly dependent on air pressure. For better performance, all individuals need to focus on maintaining balanced air pressure in the tyres. Neither under nor over inflation works. For maintaining a balance, you can get assistance from the experts. The experts can help you in figuring out what the actual range of keeping air is. You have to maintain air pressure between the bars of that particular range only.

In case your vehicle’s tyre is facing an over inflation situation, then you can see some sudden changes in the tyre’s shape. In the case of under-inflation, multiple issues can take place such as punctures, wear, etc.

These are some most common issues that may appear with the condition of tyres. For preventing the problems, you can ask about maintenance tips to experts on the tyre shop Campbelltown while buying tyres.

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